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24 March 2012

Over 10 YEARS old and still here. I hope to overhauled the site soon. turned 10 years old late last year on the 29 October 2011. Website developement sure has moved on since this site was designed, and I hope to redo this site soon.

04 September 2010,

2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show

I visited the 2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show this morning in Broadbeach. QLD at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. Click here to see all the captures.

2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show

01 May 2010,

TAITO Coporation opens HUGE new Arcade in Yokohama Japan.

Just when you thought arcades were dying due to recent economic events and game console, Taito Coporation Japan opens a HUGE new Arcade called Game Taito Station. All the info is here.

08 November 2009,

How to Build a Kick-Ass MAME Arcade Cabinet from an Old PC.

Alex Castle from Maximum PC has written a fine article on how to build a MAME Arcade Video Cabinet. Well worth the time to read.

If you were born in the 70s or 80s, chances are good that a big part of your childhood was spent wasting quarters at the local arcade, or in front of the Pac-Man machine at your local pizza place. Sure, games have become a lot more complex since then, but the old titles had a lot of charm, and in some cases a level of skill and patience-rewarding challenge that hasn’t been matched since. Sadly, the arcade is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Now that PCs and game consoles have become so powerful, the only way for arcades to compete has been to offer games with enormous, complicated controls, which end up costing a dollar or more per play.
But you can bring the classic arcade experience back to life, in your own house. With a MAME arcade machine, you and your friends can play your favorite old games, on the authentic controls they were made for.

29 October 2009,

The Pinny Parlour just turned 8 years old... Happy Birthday. :)

03 October 2009,

IPM Invader is now at:

08 March 2008,

CLRMAME PRO how to / tutorial.

Have created and made available for download, a How-To for the ROM Sorting utility, CLRMAMEPRO how to, CLRMAME how to. Click here.

12 February 2008,

Had issues with Unreal Tournament and Nvidia GeForce 8600GT (8X00 series, 8800). The game would stutter and frame skip badly. (Extreme stuttering in UT). See what I did here to correct the problem.

Another arcade gone forever; Intencity @ North Ryde Sydney, Mac Centre.

02 February 2008,

I still have many items on my website for sale. Please contact me if you see anything here you wish to purchase.

Contact Me

05 December 2007,

I have come across a great FREE DVD by Jamie McIntyre called "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had" that I have found extremely valuable and wanted to let you know how to get it for free like I recently did. It is currently available to be ordered for free for a limited time. To read more or to order the FREE DVD and Bonus E-Book, please visit here.

Jamie McIntyre is a young Australian who became a self-made Millionaire in just a few years. 

CLICK HERE to order your Free E-Book and/or DVD Now

21 May 2007,

I received a kind gift today, a Gyruss pcb. Thank you John. :-)

  • Gyruss (c) 03/1983 Konami.

22 April 2007,

Just about everything on this site is up for sale. Some will listed on eBay, others sold directly.
(I will keep a few selected items)

UPDATE: eBay shop

Contact Me

2 November 2006,

Happy Birthday! The Pinny Parlour is 5 years old. I started my little site/blog back in 2001.

21 October 2006,

Finally scored a Atari Lynx cart that has been at the top of my Most Wanted list, QIX. Link to my Atari Lynx page here.

16 October 2006,

Site has been down in the last 48 hours due to a server move. Back up now. :)

16 August 2006,

New game/cart is:

  • The King of Fighters '94 (c) 08/1994 SNK. Pictures here

Thanks to Aussie Arcade Forum member Feeras for this cart. :o)

27July 2006,

PCB SALE... A few of old Black & White pcb's and some colour raster, (not working). Link here

21 May 2006,

Torrents for download added to Downloads section.

Fraggal, creator of the famous FRAGGAL BOOT CD, is back with a new version for us all.

New features to 4.02.F:

- Completely new install interface
- AdvMAME 0.97.0
- Dos Mame 0.100
- ArcadeOS 2.51
- ArcadeVGA support
- Fixed goofy random bugs here and there
- ArcadeOS "UPDATE.BAT" support!
- Several more options for installation.

Latest Torrents are:


How to Beat Space Invaders (Australian magazine circa 1980)

19 April 2006,

New PCB is:

  • Bomb Jack (c) 10/1984 Tehkan . Testing and fully working, pictures here

In other news, I received my Super Single (Plus)* from OzStick. Review and pictures of the unit can be found here.

12 April 2006,

New PCB is:

  • Namco Classics Collection Vol.1 (c) 1995 Namco. Testing and fully working, pictures here

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