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Australian Arcade Links

austral amusements (Gold Coast)

filtek (Western Australia)

amoa Amusement Machine Operators Association (Queensland)

amd (Queensland)

coin op spares (Queensland)

fun zone FunHouse Family Fun Centres (Queensland)

big top amusements Big Top Amusements (New South Wales)

zax (Sth Melbourne)

. (Australian)

Aussie Arcade (Australian Arcade Forum)

Child Amusements (Melbourne, Australia)

Gamedude Arcades <-- Arcade cabinets and parts (Australian)

Arcade & Flipper Pinball Magazine (Australian)

MyArcadeGames (Western Australia) (Brisbane)

Bumper Action Amusements (Melbourne)

Mr Pinball (Victoria)

240 Amusements (Victoria)

Australian Collectors Web Sites

wottos <-- Great info on style Pinball restoration and more.

. <-- Everything pinball.

Game Info Online <-- An site/collector, Sega related.

Dan's Cocktail Lounge <-- Rotating Monitor Cocktail Cabinet

*Got a site you want me to add here? Contact me

News and Arcade Reference Sites

mame world <-- Excellent for anything MAME

classic gaming <-- Everything gaming

klov <-- Information on all arcade games

tafa <-- Arcade Flyers

space invaders <-- Dedicated to Space Invaders

atari age <-- A great site dedicated to everything Atari

Pong-Story <-- All about the first video game, PONG

Arcade, Pinball Collectors Archives  Mirror site <-- The soon to be one stop source for all the arcade information you really need.

IPM Invader
<-- A site all about the 'coffee break' Space Invaders ripoff

Mame and Support Sites

mamedev <-- Mame Developers Site...The Home of Mame. <-- The 2nd home of Mame.

retroblast <-- Home arcade gaming news and reviews

purple mame <-- Info on setting up AdvanceMame, ArcadeOS, on arcade monitors?

clrmamepro <-- Organise and keep your roms up to date. Tutorial, Click here.

vmamer <-- Home of the Vertical Rom Sorter Script

Mash's Mame Info <-- Home of mameinfo.dat

History.dat's Home

Unofficial Highscore.dat

Mame Titles <-- Title screen shots for mame

Home of the Cheat.dat

The Ultimate Patchers' Site <-- Another cheat.dat

Mame 32 Quick Start Guide

Guide for the Mame Newbies <-- Rom hacks, funny mame movies etc.

Arcade Cabinets / Controllers etc

BYOAC <-- Just what the button says

ultimarc <-- Home of the IPAC & JPAC (Interface between PC to arcade controls)

ozstick <-- Pre-built Arcade Controllers (Australian)

hot rod <-- Pre-built Arcade Controllers

slikstik <-- Pre-built Arcade Controllers..Formally RomBoxx

Arcade Restoration <-- Fix up that old game hints


. <-- Visual Pinball

Internet Pinball Database
<-- a comprehensive, searchable listing every pinball machine ever made <-- This site is the KLOV equivalent for pinball

ACDC Pinball <-- News, Information & Videos about the AC/DC Pinball Machine from Stern Pinball.

Roms <-- no longer available???

lazarus <-- Get ROMS burnt

Mame Rom Links

Research and

Farming Domains


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