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Review of the Super Single from OzStick can be found here.

Arcade Controller for PC Gameport: 'Controller Box'

Have been thinking of making a controller with joysticks for my PC. With the help of this page, Jivin' Jim's Jazzy Jumpin' Java-less Page, I have been able to rig up a arcade controller that connects to the 15 pin, D-connector gameport of my PC. It has 4 buttons with 2 joysticks, (2nd joystick is hooked up to the 4 fire buttons - Robotron).
Here are some pictures of the bare bones wire harness while testing. After some trial and error, I got the thing working in windows and mame perfectly.


9 January 2005.

Unfortunatly Jivin' Jim's Jazzy Jumpin' Java-less Page has gone the way of the dodo. I have the info on paper here, so when time permits, I will make it available.

12 October 2003.

Finally got around to knocking up a control panel overlay better than the dodgy one I first attempted. Twin joysticks on Robotron is awesome. I have doubled my progression in the game. :)

9 October 2003.

I picked up the powder coated controller box from the powder coaters and it looks great. I made up a homemade control panel overlay and printed it out on the home printer. (It turned out ok). I have installed the wire harness, joysticks and buttons and had a few games of Robotron, Shinobi, Wonderboy and Space Invaders. It all works fine.

7 October 2003. Have received the controller box from my friend. I also had some lexan, (perspex), cut for the top to cover and house a homemade cp overlay.
Box is off at the powder coaters getting a coating of satin black. Should receive it back tomorrow.

5 October 2003. Wondering where the housing unit is? It's coming. My friend has made me a nice controller rectangle from a light sheet metal. It will be housed very soon.

Progress pictures
The bare bones wire harness
Testing. It works (tada)
Wire harness mounted inside control panel box
Control Panel box before powder coating
Control Panel powder coated
Control panel with 1st overlay
The finished product with 1st overlay complete with joysticks and buttons...YUK
Control panel with 2nd overlay
The finished product with 2nd overlay complete with joysticks and buttons

Some hints:
If your going to try this make sure you have windows recognise the controller as a '2-axis, 4-button joystick' controller.

Thanks to Super Mappy for his knowledge and for pointing me to Jim's web site for the information.

Atari Jacket

Atari Jacket
Nice, in-new condition. Won on eBay recently .

Atari T-shirts

Dig Dug T-Shirt Dig Dug T-Shirt
Night Driver T-Shirt Night Driver T-Shirt

Can be purchased here

LAI Control Panels

LAI Donkey Kong Control Panel
LAI Donkey Kong Control Panel
LAI Donkey Kong Control Panel
LAI Berzerk Control Panel SOLD
LAI Berzerk Control Panel
LAI Berzerk Control Panel
2 x LAI Ghostmuncher / Uniwars Control Panel
LAI Uniwars & GhostMuncher Control Panel
LAI Uniwars & GhostMuncher Control Panel
LAI River Patrol Control Panel
LAI River Patrol Control Panel
LAI River Patrol Control Panel

Atari Super Bug Parts SOLD

Control Panel
Super Bug Marquee
Super Bug
Super Bug Control Panel.Super Bug marquee
Super Bug pcb
This is a win off eBay. Marquee and Bezel are in fantastic condition with no cigarette burns. Control Panel has alot of wear but is still in good condition, (remember it's 27 years old). PCB is untested at this stage. Not shown is a complete wire harness, and the accelerator pedal.


tetris capdk cap
Tetris cap is from a customer whose wife is Japanese and used to work for the company that distributed Tetris in Japan. Donkey Kong (Gameboy) cap was won on eBay for $2.

Sega OutRun 2 Keyring

Out Run II <Keyring

Topps Donkey Kong Cards (1982)

Trading Cards .

Pocket Game Guides
Donkey Kong Pocket Guide Pac-Man Pocket Guide

Mortal Kombat 3 Marquee SOLD
Mortal Kombat Marquee

Taito Lupin III Bezel

From eBay, a nice bezel in great condition. Based loosely on Lupin III, one of the most famous manga/anime series of all time.

Atari Crash 'N Score Bezel SOLD
Crash n Score Bezel

From eBay, a nice bezel in great condition

Taito Straight Flush Bezel & Control Panel
Taito Straight Flush Bezel Taito Straight Flush Control Panel
From eBay, this item is from a rare Taito release circa 1979.

Sprint 2 Perspex SOLD
Sprint 2 Perspex

Atari/LAI Firetruck Perspex
Atari FireTruck Perspex

Pinball Flyers
Austin PowersPlayBoyGoldenEyeIndependence DayFlyerSpace JamThe Simpsons Pinball PartyStar Wars

Austin Powers, GoldenEye, Independence Day, Safe Cracker, Space Jam, The Simpson's Pinball Party, Star Wars

Inside Blue LowBoy Inside Blue LowBoy Inside Blue LowBoy
Inside shots of Blue Low Boy

SNK Neo-Geo MVS Carts SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart Blues Journey MVS  cartBlues Journey Instruction CardNeo Geo cart
SNK Neo-Geo MVS Carts SOLD

Pac-Man Videos

Pac-Man VideosPac-Man Videos
"We got to protect the power pellet forest"

LAI Time Pilot Marquee
LAI Time Pilot Marquee_Click to enlarge LAI Time Pilot Marquee_Click to enlarge

Gunforce Marquee
Amusement Game Importers (Australian)
AGI Logo GunForce Marquee GunForce Marquee GunForce Marquee
This is the worst AGI marquee I have ever seen (sorry guys)

Bally De Luxe Club Bowler (circa 1957)

Club bowler Club Bowler backglass
This amazing machine is owned by Gordon Williams. It fully works and has been lovingly restored. It was great fun to play, I'm still in awe of it.

Gottlieb 300

Gottlieb 300 Pinball Gottlieb 300 Pinball playfield
Another machine owned by Gordon Williams.

Sega Helicopter

Sega Helicopter
Another of Gordon Williams amazing machines. I have only ever seen pictures of this machine and nearly fell over when I found it tucked away in a corner.



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