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2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show

I visited the 2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show this morning in Broadbeach. QLD at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

It was great to see so many vendors in attendance but last nights party must have been a good one as several vendors/exhibitors were late. I was there early and the attendance was low at that point so some of the photos appear sparse.

2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show


Some items on display:

  • LCD Touch screen Jukeboxes (with YouTube, Sports, News).
  • Cocktails, pinball's UFO catchers / Skill Testers
  • Vending machines (even Japanese ones)
  • Coffee machines
  • Cigarette machines (are very stylish)
  • Orange juice machine
  • Locks of all descriptions
  • Coin-op mechanisms
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Remote Vending machine access
  • Booth Babes

Highlight for me was meeting David Hankin and his son Martin Hankin from A Hankin & Company, which created 5 pinball you may have heard of like;

  1. FJ
  2. Howzat!
  3. Orbit 1
  4. Shark
  5. The Empire Strikes Back

Through that encounter I was able to meet Gary Stern Of Stern Pinball Inc, and got a photo, (thanks to Martin Hankin for taking the photo).



Supercade Azkoyen Cadbury Coin Co / Royal


Monster Crane Professional Vending Services

Amazing Adventure Childrens Ride Fancy Cutter

Bonus Spin Shark Panic

Zax Amusements Coin Op Solutions

Arcade Crazy Speed Stern Avatar Pinball

AMD Hammer Fun Amusinc

Easy Goal!!! Amusement Machine Distributors

Amusement Machine Distributors Win N Grin Amusement Pty Ltd

Abberfield Industries AVS Automatic Vending Specialists

Gameworx Laser Venture Sakaue Vending Machine

Sakaue Vending Machine Sakaue Vending Machine Japanese

netcard Gameworx Laser Venture

Rocket Ball Penny Junction

Merlin Vending Direct

A Hankin & Company A Hankin & Company

Booth Babes

Booth Babes Vendwest RP Vending Systems

2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show 2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show

2010 Gold Coast Vending & Amusement Trade Show The Amazing Road Trip

The Simpsons Pinball Party Zax Amusements

Saeco Wheel Of Fortune

Complete Beverages / Sielaff VenTrader

Professional Vending Services Schweppes

Piranha Vending SnacksVendCheck

VendCheck Gameworx Laser Venture

Lock Distributors Lock Distributors

Amusement Machine Distributors Global Coffee Solutions

Sakaue Vending Machines

Blue Pod Coffee Lavazza Blue

Manassen - Vege Chips Ventrader

PayTech Solutions Smoke Machine

Zax Amusements Arcade Crazy Speed

Arcade Crazy Speed AMD

Stern Avatar Piranaha Vending Snacks

AVA Show Bag Showbag Contents



Gary Stern & David Hankin
4th September 2010

Gary Stern and David Hankin




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