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Namco Pole Position

Pole Position FlyerPole Position cabinetFlyerMy Pole Position Cabinet

On the 28th December 2001, I purchased a Pole Position II sit down (an original Namco Pole Position) in great condition and works very well. It contains rom upgrade to turn it into a Pole position 2.

To see the original arcade flyer and my cabinet, look below in the pictures.

I had bought this machine sight unseen as I had great trust with the seller who said it worked and that it was a Pole Position. When I got it home, I fired it up and to my suprise, Pole Position II flash up on the screen, WAY HAPPY :o)

The pics are crap as I'm borrowing a friends digital camera (sorry):

Pole Position CabinetPPII ScreenshotPPII ScreenshotGame BoardPP, sad isn't it?
Will get better pics up shortly.


Update 22 April 2007: SOLD


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