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Needed some minor cosmetic work but overall it's average. Suffering from severe dis-colouration of the plastic, other than that the unit itself works perfectly.

G&W Boxing
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I won this for a steal through an online auction here in Australia. Unit is in great condition for its age as you can see in the pictures. Everything works great on this.

Tropical Fish
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DONKEY KONG DK-52 (1982) X 2

1st: This one I got from eBay in good condition. A few scratches on the inside and many on the outside but it's to be expected for it was manufactured 20 years ago, (1982). All works fine except for a couple of missing barrels I notice on the top screen. A quick disassemble and cleaning of the LCD contact points, and all works great now.

2nd: This one is from eBay as well but the overall condition is much better than the first. This unit is fully working and in great condition.

Closed Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 1st
. . 2nd
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FIRE FR-27 (1981)

Again, this is from eBay. The front face is in good condition but the seller said it didn't work. I inserted some new batteries and to my surprise I got images and sound on the screen, (great!). The bad news is that the game had no left-right movement.

A quick disassemble and inspection revealed that during it's lifetime it had been in liquid, (some minor rust marks around the back stand). A thorough cleaning was needed on the PCB, especially around the left-right contact points. It all works great now.

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OCTOPUS OC-22 (1981)

Again, this is from eBay. Condition is fair to good.
Seller had said this didn't work but I inserted some batteries and Presto!, it worked straight away. No need to work much on this at all. I did however give it a thorough cleaning inside and out anyway.

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